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The Flores brothers grew up in a small ranch located in Nuevo León, Mexico. Where farming and harvesting was the way of life. They spent most of their early childhood working in farms. In the early 90’s they came to the United States to look for a better life and opportunity. With the experience and knowledge that was gained from working in Mexico’s farms, they did what they knew best and stayed within the same industry and began selling local fruits & vegetables in Houston’s farmers market in which Mex Flores Produce was founded.

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The brothers utilized a box truck to import products from Mexico and into the U.S that was then sold to local produce providers in Houston. They quickly became recognized in the farmers market for their fresh  products, service & competitive prices. After years of serving their local, loyal customers. They then quickly expanded their product lines and sold them throughout Texas.

Today, Mex Flores Produce are vegetable growers with a packing house in Nuevo León, Mexico and two distributing facilities, one in Edinburg and the other in Houston Texas. They are now serving most of Texas, including: Houston, Austin, Dallas, McAllen and San Antonio as well as other States including Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Tennessee.

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